My friend and I took a weekend trip to Boston this past weekend as a last hurrah since she was leaving NYC forever to go back to California. In the eight years I’ve been in NYC, almost every single transplant I’ve met has come and gone. In fact, even people who were originally from here have left. It’s pretty tragic but I suppose that comes with the magic of a diverse and global city.

I have been to Boston at least six times – four times with someone who had never been. Every time I go, I somehow end up seeing and eating the exact same thing – Fenway, Freedom Trail, seafood, cannolis, and brunch – and every time I do it, I love it even more!

Fenway – Mariners v Red Sox

I’m not actually interested in baseball, but the Fenway experience is unlike any other stadium. The old, green structure and the man updating the scoreboard behind the Green Monster makes you feel like you’ve walked into the past. Jess and I actually didn’t make it to the game until the bottom of the 5th. The Red Sox were losing to the Mariners 7-2, but the stadium was packed full. If this was any other stadium, half the seats would be empty by this time. But this isn’t any other stadium, this is Fenway and these are Boston fans. They were cheering out there, still strong. One little kid in front of us with pilot goggles started jumping and cheering and getting our section pumped up. Top of the 7th, another run for the Mariners. Then the 7th inning stretch – everyone got up to sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game. Two runs for the Red Sox! And then, before the bottom of the 8th, everyone got up again to sing Sweet Caroline. I had no idea this was a Boston tradition until we looked it up. Needless to say, despite the 8-4 loss, the game was a ton of fun.

Video of the wave (courtesy of Jess)

Freedom Trail and exploring Boston

I never get sick of walking the Freedom Trail. The trail is so well established. It’s a great reminder of how our nation began. I feel like I appreciate it more each time I come back. Could you imagine starting a rebellion inside your existing government? And then establishing a new government? It’s like today’s start-ups….a gajillion times harder with real lives at steak.

It appears it was also Pride Month in Boston. Pretty cool to see local business and even government buildings supporting it.

There was a really cool car show in front of Faneuil Hall, but sadly the actual great hall was closed!

The Swan Boat (est. 1877!) was kind of fun. We were definitely the only adults on the boat but we got front row seats! ha. It’s relaxing. Just do it.


Boston has such amazing food. Freedom Trail and fooding along the way is the way to go! Chowda and crab roll from Boston Chowda Co in Faneuil Hall. And then eating everything in North End. Our favorite dish by far was Neptune Oyster‘s Bottarga Vongole. Giacomo’s was only an hour wait this time and it was just as amazing as I remembered it. And then, obviously we tried all the popular cannoli shops.

Three years ago, when I tested all three shops, Maria’s was my favorite because the filling was the freshest. Sadly, this time, the crust tasted like stale oil. It was a bit disappointing. Consistent with last time, the service was not nice. Modern Pastry was better than I remembered though! Perfect crust and filling. And then crazy, madhouse Mike’s Pastry. There is supposedly order but it’s all tourists and no one really knows what’s going on. One of the locals recommended the florentine here but I thought it was too sweet. We also had the regular ricotta filed one that was good too. Modern Pastry for the win this time!

At Neptune’s, we overheard the table next to us discussing these “square eggs” they had for breakfast that sounded delicious. Naturally, I had to find out what they were talking about and discovered Flour Bakery + Cafe. We headed there first thing the next morning and had the sticky buns and breakfast sandwich (with the square egg). Phenomenal!

Before heading back to NYC, we picked up sandwiches at Mike and Patty’s. I ordered “the Fancy” they’re known for. Look how PERFECT the egg!


Yes, all of this in under 24 horus. I love to eat! (I’ll like you more if you like to eat as much as me too!)


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