What an amazing dining experience! We had reservations at senior citizen time: 5:45p in Daniel’s lounge because we decided to do this a week in advance. Jess and I debated where to go for a while. There are a lot of fine dining options in NYC and we obviously haven’t tried most of them. Despite having Michelin stars, a lot of restaurants get mixed reviews from people you actually talk to. After we asked around though, the two Michelin star rated Daniel seemed to be on top of everyone’s list. Modern-French cuisine it was!

The service was fantastic. The waiters were extremely friendly and helpful. They lintended to our stories and joked around with us. It definitely didn’t pretention a like most fancy restaurants.

After we ordered our wine and dishes, they started us off with two complimentary starters. The first was some sort of seafood on a really thick super-mini tortilla bowl The next were three little hors d’oeurves: one was shrimp on top of a cracker, this amazing hummus, and another seafood item with peas I believe. Everything was full of flavor and very interesting.

Then came the bread and the most beautiful scoop of butter I’d ever seen. The bread and the butter were both so fresh! We each ended up having four pieces of bread by the end of the night. The brioche was to die for.


Jess and I both had the four course pre-fixe tasting menu, which included appetizer, two dishes, and dessert. We each ordered different items. Jess and I ate half of the following dishes (the portions were surprisingly filling):

  • Long Island Fluke with sea urchin– very light and refreshing. Sea urchin just melts into the fluke and creates this nice texture
  • Rabbit saddle “porchetta”– like a sausage. Complete opposite of the fluke- much denser and fattier. The vegetables on the dish were perfectly paired.
  • Vodka Flambéed Hudson Valley Foie Gras– fun flambé show! you could taste the fire. Also, it wasn’t too rich and surprisingly balanced. PERFECT with the brioche bread I mentioned earlier (thank you amazing servers for the suggestion!)
  • ESCARGOTS Mary’s Garden “Petit Gris” Snails– buttery and soft texture. Very flavorful.
  • Tasting of Lamb Salt Crusted Niman Ranch Lamb Chop– best lamb I’ve ever had. All the juice was preserved from the encrusted salt and made the meat extraordinarily tender. The gamey flavor from the lamb was so subtle.
  • Imperial Wagyu Beef Tenderloin– incredibly tender, rich and savory beef. Perfectly cooked medium rare.
  • FRAISE “Fleur de Jasmin” Gelée, Sencha Cream, Lemon Sablé. Muna-Strawberry Ice Cream – light, airy dessert. Exactly what I wanted after all the rich, delicious food.
  • ALPACO* Ecuadorian Chocolate Bavaroise, Biscuit FondantDark Cocoa Sorbet– beautiful, rich geometrically decorated chocolate.

We also got complimentary lemon bread puff things and chocolates. And on our way out we got a little dessert box which had a bunt cake in it!

I absolutely loved this restaurant. Totally worth it!



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