Best of Tuscany: Chianti

After Siena, we made our way to Fattoria Poggio Allora, a Chianti farm and winery. Upon arrival, you can see San Gimignano’s stone “skyscrapers” in a distance and rows of olive trees and grape vines in the forefront. It was stunning on a bright, sunny day – blue skies, sun shining bright, and Tuscany’s super fluffy clouds of course (I swear they’re fluffier in Florence and Tuscany! Or maybe I just had tourist goggles on. Either way, they’re beautiful!)


They showed us how they make wine. I won’t lie – I don’t think I have enough appreciation of this process when I see steel machinery. I’m sure it’s still an art, but I don’t really know it. We walked through the olive tree farm and through the cow stables.

And then it was lunch time! The table setting was beautiful and we had the most beautiful views of the rolling hills and vineyards. The fresh olive oil was the highlight of my tastings. Out of the four wines we had, I liked the Chianti most. It was a light red. The white was really good too. The other red I didn’t like so much. Maybe because it was so hot earlier. Usually I like earthy reds like Malbec which the second one was closer to.

And then I strolled around, bought some olive oil, and enjoyed the views. I have to come back and take a relaxing trip out here next time!


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