Goodbye New york

Good bye New York!


Ok, so I didn’t realized I published that. That was the day we drove off and I was just so overwhelmed. It looks like I was speechless. Let me start over.

I can’t believe it’s been 8 years. Leaving New York was a very difficult decision for me. I had established a career there with lots of growth potential, I loved my active social life with my amazing friends and family, and I really enjoyed my lifestyle. Unfortunately, I never wanted to stay there forever and I could never imagine raising children there…or even on the East Coast really. It’s just not where Marc and I saw ourselves in the long run. If I was going to get out, I had to get out soon or I’d be there forever. There are so many reasons not to leave or make changes in your life, but sometimes you just have to pull the trigger and go. What’s the worst case – I don’t like Seattle and I go back to New York.

The physical act of moving out of New York was a real pain. And like anything else in the city, extremely stressful. On the day we were actually leaving, I was sooo overwhelmed with emotion. I felt sadness, excitement, nervousness, and stress all at one and it was the first time I can recall REALLY breaking down into tears from stress. I was a wreck. Anyway, the whole day prior to moving was spent on emptying our apartment of five years, donating the rest of our stuff to Goodwill and friends, shipping 13 boxes/suitcases to Seattle and packing. On the actual day we were to begin our two week road trip, we spent packing the car. Those two days were extremely exhausting, but we eventually left.

I’m going to miss you, New York City. You’ve been good to me. I’ll be back soon!


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