Let’s Road Trip Across America!

This is kind of a summary and continuation of Good-Bye New York. This section will basically be a personal account of my 2016 Roadrrip Across America from NYC to Seattle.

I finally made use of the free National Geographic map! Wish I took it with me but I forgot it in Brooklyn! This is the plan.

Day 1, October 30. 2016
Start: Brooklyn, New York
Destination: Big Meadows Lodge, Shenandoah National Park
Total miles: 362 miles
Cheapest gas: $1.99 (Maryland)

This was a super stressful day. Finished loading the car and emptying the entire apartment during the morning. Had an emotional breakdown, but I was also feeling super excited for the cross country road trip I’ve been wanting to do forever.

Once we were on the road, we finally got to relax a little. When we got to the DC area, there was a short bout of rain and strong winds. You could see the dense rain clouds and clear skies on the other side. It was pretty cool. We ate pho for dinner of course – Four Sisters in Fairfax, VA. Since our packing took so long in the morning, we didn’t get to Shenandoah until night time. There were a lot of thick patches of fog and complete darkness during our drive through the mountains. I was driving and was pretty nervous. Last time I drove in those conditions was on my way to Santa Barbara where I got a speeding ticket…but that wasn’t on mountain roads where deer could suddenly appear through the dense fog and right in front of you! That’s exactly what happened, one popped out of no where to run across the street and a few more were walking along the road. We also encountered a white owl!
We probably arrived at Big Meadows Lodge at around 10:30pm but we made it safe and sound!


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