Day 4, November 2, 2016
Start: Asheville
Via Great Smoky Mountains
Destination: Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Total miles for the day: 105 miles
Total miles from day 1 start: 935 miles
Cheapest gas per gallon: there was a gas explosion in Atlanta yesterday/day before so it might be causing higher gas prices. Paid around $2.24

We started the day with breakfast at Biscuit Head in Asheville. I ordered the Mimosa Fried Chicken and it was hands down the best biscuit and fried chicken ever with a perfectly poached egg!


Then we toured Biltmore estates ($135 for admission!), another Vanderbilt mansion. The mansion was opened on Christmas Eve and we happened to be there when they were putting up Christmas decor! This guy inherited most of his money, his predecessors were the ones in Newport so his mansion was a bit more modern. He had an indoor bowling alley (believed to be first in America) and pool (that took three days to fill and heat up and then immediately drained afterwards since they didn’t have today’s amenities). It’s also 8,000 acres or so and a lot of it was manmade woods and lake. They say this was Olstrom’s (the guy who designed Central Park and the Montreal park) greatest accomplishment. It’s pretty cool with the Blue Ridge Mountains as it’s backdrop.

And then off to the Great Smoky Mountains. We passed through Cherokee land along the way which was interesting. It’s definitely more of a tourist attraction though from what we saw driving through. The first warning sign as we entered into the Smokies was to beware of Elk! These animals were apparently almost extinct and they brought them back, 120 now live there. We never saw one though.

Finally, we arrived in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It’s a fishing town so we had to have some trout! And lots of fried stuff…




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