Day 6, November 4, 2016
Start: Nashville, Tennessee
Destination: Memphis, Tennessee
Total miles for the day: 222 miles
Total miles from day 1 start: 1430 miles

Why Nashville? Country music duh. First stop, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. This was a very interactive and fun experience, so much so we actually spent 3 hours here.  Not only did we learn about the history of country music but we also learned about country music today (ie Taylor Swift!). We were also there during two interesting temporary exhibits: Bob Dylan and the Nashville Cats and the true story of Blake Shelton. (If anyone watched The Voice, they would’ve found the Blake Shelton exhibit cool too!)

I learned about Johnny Cash’s TV show (no, I didn’t know about it!) where he invited different artists to each episode. His show aired during the controversial Vietnam War, and Nashville was viewed by the rest of the music world as traditional and conservative (this is relative to hippies in places like SF). So when Johnny Cash invited Bob Dylan to Nashville (filmed at the Ryman Auditorium!) it was kind of a big deal. Dylan even recorded an album there and had a great experience working with the A Team/Nashville cats (the studio background music) who learned the music within minutes and quickly understood how Bob Dylan wanted his music played. He was so impressed by Nashville’s talents, especially considering they were being introduced to a completely different genre. So after his experience, Dylan basically went back to California and told his music buddies how great the town was and more artists came to record there too. Cash basically brought Nashville back to the current music scene.

Blake’s exhibit was pretty fun. They had his childhood photos, a lot of outfits he wore (like the plaid shirt he wore when he moved to Nashville lol), and his award show outfits (like this Unicorn outfit he wore at the Nickelodeon awards show), and cool gifts he received like some knives and Jack Daniel’s he received when he was invited to join the Grand Ol Opry. My favorite of course was The Voice red chair! It’s huge!

We also took the tour to Studio B where Elvis and lots of other musicians recorded their music (mostly known for Elvis though). They even had the piano he used to record most of his songs. My favorite part of the tour was them replaying song clips that were recorded there. It lets you appreciate the art of recording back then. Apparently nowadays, musicians don’t record together and that’s why they all use headphones. Back then, everything was recorded as is, with the option to splice if they really had to. This required carefully slicing the actual tape! We then went back to finish checking out the country music hall of fame and museum.

After the museum we headed to the Ryman Auditorium, where Bluegrass and the Grand Ol Opry was founded. It was actually originally made as a place for worship and overtime, in order to keep its doors open, it hosted many groups of people (for politics, religious, opera, shows, music, etc). It closed its doors in 1974 but was revived in the late 90s.

On our way to the Auditorium, we also passed by Broadway where you could hear the live music coming out of a bunch of different bars. Some Russian girls were walking around with their drinks.

Last stop, Tennessee BBQ! We went to Peg Leg Porker in the Gulch and ordered a half rack of ribs, pulled pork, and some wings. The meats were all a bit dry but the rub on the ribs and the BBQ sauce on the wings were amazing!! I expected the meat to be perfectly cooked since it had 4.5 stars on Yelp but it was still good!

Stuffed again! So off to Memphis we go!


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