OKC to Texas

Day 8, November 6, 2016
Start: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Destination: Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Texas
Total miles for the day: 298 miles
Total miles from day 1 start: 2200 miles

Daylight savings today, fall back = extra hour of sleep.

OKC was quite uneventful for us. Just a place to sleep really. Before we drove out of Oklahoma, we visited the Route 66 Museum in Clinton. Since Sunday mornings are for worship, the museum didn’t open until 1p and we didn’t have time to wait for it to open. There were some really cool posters and artifacts outside though. We saw these manufactured diners (like manufactured houses but a full on diner!) that used to be placed along Route 66, one of many trucks that poured concrete during the construction of Route 66, and the cars and signs and shops around that time. Yes, all outside of the museum.

After that, we headed into the Panhandle of Texas. So I thought Arkansas and Oklahoma were flat but they had a few hills and mountains here and there. The Panhandle on the other hand is seriously flat. In fact, it’s the largest flat area in America. You could see ahead for days. There was a storm coming and you could see the big dark clouds ahead of you! It was crazy, like in some western (or tornado movie)! And yah, today is the first day of bad weather we’ve seen since we left the East coast. Just a bit of rain and thunderstorms…

Which would be all right if we were in some motel/hotel, but we are currently in the Cow Camp Cabin in Palo Duro Canyon State Park. It’s not exactly camping (thank god) and it’s definitely not glamping. It’s a stone cabin opened in the 1930s primarily for people who were migrating west (hey, that’s us today!). So needless to say, with little maintenance and being semi-exposed to the elements, they’re pretty worn out now. There is a roof so really it is pretty great considering it’s pouring outside and there are no leaks and we have electricity. It’s just that …..there is definitely some sort of mouse/rat/animal poop along the walls and even on the mattress! I’m currently inside my sleeping bag on top of my air mattress on top of what is no longer a mattress but basically a box spring which is part of this bunk bed inside this concrete cabin while it’s thunder-storming and raining outside.  Definitely a unique experience ha. There’s nothing else we can do in the rain so we are just going to sleep early and hope the rain stops so we can go hiking tomorrow!

I forgot to mention we had Texas BBQ today. It was pretty good but we didn’t get to go to the famous or best ones because it’s Sunday (day of worship duh) and there was only one open in all of Amarillo (according to Yelp. ) Rudy’s BBQ, good moist brisket! Alright sleep time (only 9p!), hope the weather clears in the morning.


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