Day 11, November 9, 2016
Start: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Destination: Sedona, Arizona
Total miles for the day: 372 miles
Total miles from day 1 start: 3,090 miles

We left early today to drive 6 hours to Sedona so we could properly spend some time there. This drive was a lot easier than I thought it would be mostly because I was listening to MSNBC’s response to last night’s election results for Trump vs Hilary. Oh so interesting. On Election Day, we were coincidentally out of the red states and in a blue state with our New York license plate. I do think this road trip has given me more appreciation for the in-between states having only lived on the coasts of the United States. I get the election results were unexpected and disappointing for half the country and I get it’s scary Trump could win after saying all those horrible things. But it’s even more infuriating listening to people call all Trump supporters stupid and uneducated (stereotyping much? That’s how racism and sexism starts right?). Or to listen to people say “oh well, this country is fck’d, let’s go to Canada”. There’s so much anger on both sides and no respect for each other (or maybe one side more than the other). I don’t know what the exact solution to the problem is, but at a minimum, we should try to understand each other and learn what the underlying issues are. Definitely easier said than done though. It is exciting seeing my friends realize this and donating to causes that matter to them or that they fear could be at risk. You have to start somewhere.

Anyway, after hours of news coverage on the election, we reached this beautiful, mountainous area, Slide Rock State Park. This is basically the entrance to Sedona if you’re driving South (from Flagstaff). I stopped the car so many times to take photos.

Sedona is fun if you’re ready to splurge a little (or a lot) and I was sure ready to enjoy myself after being on the road for 10 days. This is why I booked our stay at the Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa. After staying in dingy motels, this hotel was definitely worth paying up for.

First activity in Sedona, the Broken Arrow Pink Jeep Tour. It was really fun going off road, being driven over rocks among beautiful red rock scenery. It was mostly bursts of laughter during the ride, but one girl in our Jeep did a lot of screaming. We learned that the Broken Arrow trail is managed by the National Forest which is apparently a different group than the National Parks. We were also introduced to a ton of different plant species like oak bush, easy to burn Manzanita, these big trees that spiral because of vortexes in the area (they believe… the ions from the vortex apparently make you feel better). Our guide also randomly mentioned the North Dakota protests going on- fighting against the oil pipelines they were proposing to build through multiple Native American reservations. I recently learned this pipeline spans like 4 states. I totally agree with the cause but really, politics the day after the election with strangers?

After the 1.5 hour jeep ride, I treated myself to a spa treatment. We were staying in the spa section of the Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa and it’s supposed to be one of the nicest spas in the area so of course I got my massage there. They had a sauna I spent half the time in. The eucalyptus aroma and dry heat is seriously the most calming and relaxing thing ever- I’m obsessed. I also had one of the best massages ever! My masseuse did some sort of cranial something that felt amazing. It was definitely a great treat after being on the road for so long.

And then we went to dinner at Elote Cafe for some authentic Mexican food. We had one of the best salads and elote (Mexican corn in a bowl form) ever. The food was pretty rich and the portions were huge! Luckily before we got our entrees, the waitress asked us if we wanted to change our mind on the next two dishes. My guess is that the portion sizing throws many new customers off.

That night, after relaxing in the hot tub in the room, I realized the robes provided (one of which I’d been using) had been used!! One robe smelled like a woman’s lotion and the other of a man. I was so disgusted. But because I booked through, they couldn’t give m a refund and just gave me a voucher for breakfast the next day. We didn’t have time the next day so that really sucked. What should’ve been the perfect hotel stay was slightly ruined by this robe issue. Ugh. So sad.

Almost the perfect relaxation day.


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