Day 16, November 14, 2016
Start: Moab, Utah
Destination: Twin Falls, Idaho
Total miles for the day: 497 miles
Total miles from day 1 start: 4,397 miles

The Arches were pretty cool. We didn’t have a lot of time so we couldn’t do a long hike. We just walked around the Windows section and covered almost 2 miles of trail walking. It’s hard to appreciate the size of these things in photos but the Arches are HUGE. The double arches were pretty cool. They’re formed from a big pool of water that was on top of the rock that eventually collapsed inward and the water flowed out of the two holes below which eventually widened into the double arches! Pretty cool huh? We also went to the lower delicate arch view area but it was so tiny, it was hard to appreciate. I definitely didn’t realize there were so many arches before I came and did minimal research. It would’ve been great if we had time to do the 3 hour hike to the delicate arch, the 1 hour hike to long arch, and the narrows. That’s definitely easily doable for a full day actually. We had like 2-3 hours only so it wasn’t possible. I’m glad we got to see at night though. It had such a different feel. Totally worth the detour!

This was the end of the fun part of my roadtrip. Now we had 16 hours of driving to get to Seattle! Whhoot. We split this into two days of driving. We stopped in Salt Lake City and had Hawaiian food. Apparently there’s a decent number of Hawaiians here because a lot went to the university there. We rolled into Idaho and all I know is it’s cold here and we had to turn our front window defroster which meant we had to breathe in the nasty outside farming air. It was straight up empty in Idaho. We stopped in Twin Falls.


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