Final Stretch to Seattle

Day 17, November 15, 2016
Start: Twin Falls, Idaho
Destination: Seattle, Washington
Total miles for the day: 623 miles
Total miles from day 1 start: 5,020 miles

We had an early start to Seattle next! Straight driving today and also the day we found an apartment in Seattle. We were really lucky to have found an apartment building downtown.

There was rain through most of Idaho. Then we were in Oregon, which was really beautiful. We stopped at the Deadman’s pass rest stop and learned we were driving along The Oregon Trail! I couldn’t imagine taking a wagon and all your horses along some of those routes. They were so hilly. Eventually, we were in Washington and driving over Snoqualmie Pass where it was snowing a little at the peak. Outside of that, it was a bit more rain. And then Marc’s grandma had dinner reedy for us. It was such a nice and warm welcome to Seattle. I can’t wait to explore a new city!


DSC09330That’s the end of #roadtrip2016_ECMK!


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