Welcome to Elaine’s Ramblings!


In case you haven’t figured it out, my name is Elaine. This blog was intended for my ramblings but it’s turned into more of a travel blog. Like everyone else out there with a travel blog, I love to travel. I love sharing my experiences in words and photos. This blog really serves to document my memories so I can relive them at any time. I hope in the meantime, you all enjoy reading about it too!

About me:

I like to think my life is made up of one adventure after the next.

In 2008, during the last two quarters of my senior year at UC Santa Barbara, I traveled abroad to Hong Kong. It was a great base for exploring Southeast Asia and China. Every weekend was a new adventure. I saw the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an (after arriving by bus during the Sichuan Earthquake (8.0 Ms), now considered one of the deadliest earthquake of the 21st century). I climbed The Great Wall of China (and almost lost my passport) in Beijing. I road a scooter through the rice fields of Sapa, Vietnam (and almost rolled down the cliff when I fell off). I explored the beautiful beaches in Patong (and accidentally ended up in the red light district where everyone thought we were prostitutes because we were Asian women dressed in standard American women summer outfits). I hiked through the mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand (and destroyed my stomach tasting the spicy Thai food that our guides cooked for themselves). I loved my crazy experiences and I wanted more. I was inspired to travel the world.

Following my Hollywood-inspired dreams, I moved to New York City in 2009. I loved the energy and life of the city. I rented a $1300 closet-sized apartment in Manhattan and started my first full-time job in Times Square. I worked hard and played hard. I saved and traveled as much as I could. I hit a bunch of destinations in North America (Chicago, Kauai, Vermont, Niagara Falls, Montreal, Toronto, Rhode Island, Boston, etc.) and a bunch of international destinations (Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Japan, Taiwan, the Virgin Islands, Poland…) but I wanted more. Two week vacations just wasn’t enough for me.

In 2015, I finally pulled the trigger and took a 3-month sabbatical to travel South America with my boyfriend, Marc. You can read all about our trip at ¡Vamos! Elaine and Marc’s AdventureAfter living in New York City for almost a decade, Marc and I decided it was time to move back to the West Coast. In November 2016, we drove across the country from Brooklyn to settle in Seattle.

Now I’m settling in to Seattle… We’ll see where life (and this blog) goes from here!