Cinque Terre

I took a full day Cinque Terre tour. We visited all 5 towns. First stop, Manarola (town 2 they say). When I arrived at the iconic view, I didn’t even realize I was enjoying the view that had inspired me to make the trip out here. When you’re there, everything around you is beautiful. There are views all … More Cinque Terre


I instantly fell in love with Florence. So much history, art, nature, food, everything! I arrived around 9p and had dinner with Janelle and some people she met and my Korean roommate. So the Hotel Archi Rossie where we stayed is featured in a famous Korean blog so in my 4-bed dorm, I had 6 Korean roommates … More Florence


Munich has some cool architecture, culture, and history. The city’s name is assumed to have developed before the 1st century.  When townspeople would go around to trade with other areas, people would ask them where they were from, they explained they lived by the monks, mönch in German. Overtime it slowly transitioned from Mönch to … More Munich